Fly fishing the South Island of New Zealand with Martin Langlands

Fly Fishing DVDS

These are not the sort of DVDs you watch only once, packed with information they are designed to be used as an instruction manual.

All the DVD’s include:

  • Angling Action - Underwater Footage – An Ecological Perspective – Useful Information - Educational
  • Original Fly Patterns by Martin Langlands
  • Filming and Music by Martin Langlands
All these DVD productions are also available on Pen drive that I mail to you. This is a great alternative if you have no DVD player and you get the movie Full Size and at best Resolution as well as getting to keep the 16 gig pen drive.
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This in-depth DVD production focuses on a less understood but highly significant trout food, the Dobsonfly Larvae.

Common not only in most New Zealand rivers but also around the world, this insect has many regional names such as; Hellgrammite, Creeper, Toe biter, Black Creeper, Alderfly , Fishfly  and Lace Wing to name a few. These aquatic insects due to their larger size are keenly sort after by trout and other freshwater species.

The seeds for this production began in 1975 when my passion for backcountry river fishing started. I discovered then how widespread and important the Dobsonfly larvae were playing such a huge role in both freshwater ecology and a trout's diet. Through the many years since, as both a full time fly fishing guide and trout fly developer, these practical observations and trout fly evolutions are fully encompassed in this resulting production. I am confident this DVD will give you a deeper insight not only into Dobsonfly Larvae but also trout fly design, a process that is such a rewarding aspect of fly fishing.

$55 NZD includes postage



An instructional DVD on how to tie over 12 original and diverse river nymphs and one very important indicator fly.

This has been in the making for the past year and draws upon valuable knowledge gathered over  2100 professional guide days combined with a strong life long passion to improve trout fly patterns.

Also features Angling Scenes pattern variations and typical nymph rig information.


  • Clear tying sequences with images of the pattern and materials needed
  • Footage of natural nymphs and angling scenes
  • Important principles that you can develop on and also a new way of thinking (sinking)
  • Strong focus on Caddis - Mayfly - Fast Sink nymphs combined with dropper patterns
  • Running time 54:38min



$39.00 NZD including postage


It is all about putting you in the picture

An instructional DVD on how to tie over 12 original and diverse dry flies


  • Clear tying sequences with images of the pattern and materials needed
  • These are not your regular boring patterns - they are innovative, original and time tested trout catchers they also  utilize readily available materials
  • Strong focus upon entomology featuring footage of natural insects
  • Easy to tie highly effective patterns that are long lasting- float well and easy to see ! you do not have to be an expert to tie these!
  • Angling Scenes shot on a mixture of NZ rivers and lakes
  • Caddis - Mayfly - Cicada - Beetles -Blowfly and much more feature
  • Designed for River and Lakes not just for NZ but the world
  • Running time 68:00min

$39.00 NZD including postage


A fly fishing video magazine DVD designed to inspire, inform and entertain. A great resource for all visiting and domestic Anglers!. This is not one of those DVDs that shows you a lot and tells you nothing  it is information rich and yes some great locations given.

  • Techniques - Angling Action - Stunning Scenery
  • Over 7 diverse and  original Trout Fly patterns demonstrated
  • Play all or Scene select  45mins running time

1 - A river rules my life too

An early season visit to a pristine backcountry freestone then high country spring creek and featuring tie sequence for an incredible backcountry dry fly.

2 - Lesson in Streamer

On this day we arrive at a swollen small stream and I get a lesson in how to fish streamers in a new way  from Fred Young USA and also learn two patterns.

3 - The Willow grub

Explores methods of fishing and tying these tiny wee grubs that trout go mad for. Includes three new patterns and lots of rising trout action.

4 - The Backcountry day

Revisiting time! After many years Peter and I return to an incredible dry fly day on a remote high country river. This features both an aquatic and terrestrial insect study, and also an important dry fly and the Queen???

5 - Stream Mouths-Winter lakes

A new method to fish stream mouths flowing into lakes { worldwide-NZ wide } filmed on a stunning South Island winter’s day . Lots of action, technique and unique trout fly patterns.

6 -  NZ Fly Fishing at best and Credits

"Be careful what you wish for it just may come true"

troutlands v1-dvd -cover1web

$39.00 NZD including postage


1 - The Kakahi Queen

A fly of spring, this looks at both dry and nymph of this very common NZ insect

2 - The Braids

Explores a unique Canterbury Braided River and mayfly hatches.

3 - The Windshadow

When the nor’west wind howls we seek the wind shadow.

4 - Erewhonian

Revisiting pioneers and Large Rainbows, this also explores the notion of getting deep and fast  with nymphs.

5 - Lakeside

The start of a fly fishing career and lush spring creeks.

6 - Three Very Important Patterns

Two highly original Caddis Larva patterns that combine well with an indicator style that will give you the edge!

troutlands V2-case-2_1

$39.00 NZD including postage


1 - Introduction of Brown Trout To New Zealand 1867-2014

A historical and emotive insight into the birth place of all New Zealand Brown Trout, connecting 1867  with 2014 in Christchurch on the Avon River. Includes pioneers and some modern urban angling action!

2 - Whitebait

These are small bait fish that migrate into many of our rivers throughout NZ during spring and are sought after not only by humans but Trout! Two original and effective streamer patterns and methods are featured.

3 - Fairlie Good

Based on the findings and experiences of a guiding road trip. Nymph fishing runs and the Deleatidium mayfly feature big here. Learn how to tie the “Fairlie Good” mayfly nymph and see the biggest mayfly hatch ever! Fishing in the wind, this shows how  a careful choice of location pays off.

4 -  Swimming Mayfly Nymph

A focus on this remarkable and little understood nymph has been a vital part of my guiding operation and this chapter will inform and reveal one of my most effective patterns ever,  especially for tricky backcountry trout. Combines insect footage, information, and angling action. Get yourself in the picture!

5 -  “A Day Of Quotes”

Here I take a different approach. This chapter is based around an audio interview I gave last year and covers a vast array of subjects. Includes environmental, soft plastics applied to trout flies, sound footprint, Silveries (a form of NZ bait fish) ,and a location improved!

troutlands V3-2

$39.00 NZD including postage

X STREAMER Volume 1 ( 2 DVD set ) 2015

 An exploration of original Streamers - Methods and approaches

DVD 1 =  Silveries - Smelt

51 minutes running time

These small bait fish are common in most low country rivers, coastal lagoons, river mouths as well as in some inland lakes such as Lakes Taupo and Rotorua. Trout feed avidly on Smelt so it’s been a personal long term focus to develop better  imitations that started way back in 1987 . This DVD features spectacular footage of trout feeding on smelt, underwater footage combined with approaches to get better results in lakes, and  slow and fast flow river situations. Three highly successful and original patterns that are all fun to tie and time tested are very adaptable. It is important to note similar baitfish are found though out the world in both fresh and salt water environments so these patterns and principles go beyond just being for trout. This in depth production took years!

DVD 2  = Intro - Riffle Rouser - Dead Drift Streamers - Micro Streamers     

43 minutes running time

The Riffle Rouser  is an amazing innovative streamer for fishing runs and riffles. It’s unique profile and two-fold versatile action in the water make it a winner and a heck of a lot of fun to fish and tie. Draws inspiration from spin patterns and action. A Goer !!!!

Dead Drift. It is not a widely known or understood the way to fish streamers, however this stealthy method gets some remarkable results. Here fully explained and demonstrated this also revealed an amazingly fun pattern that really works wonders. Add this method to your techniques it will get you excellent results any place in the world!

Micro Streamers. Often we think of streamers as large flies however in this chapter you will learn to tie and fish a simple and remarkably adaptive Micro Streamer. You will learn some rigs, methods on how to fish, and a very important "string to the bow" .

X streamer DVD case 4 copy

$59.00 NZD including postage