Fly fishing the South Island of New Zealand with Martin Langlands

New Zealand Trout Fly

Martin Langlands has been commercially tying trout flies since the early 1980’s.

Many of Martin's original patterns have featured in trout fly calendars and fishing publications and are renowned by anglers New Zealand and worldwide.

The designing and crafting of trout flies is a major focus of Martin’s business and perfectly complements guiding. 

Ever evolving modern patterns are inspired by the latest variety of materials, with traditional influences.

Guiding is the ultimate testing platform.



mark"Martin is an incredibly talented fly tyer whose creativity and use of materials is off the charts.  Every year he has some new design that does one thing exceptionally well - catch fish.'

'One day I asked him about a particular material he had used in a fly.  He said he would explain at lunch.  Turns out it was the inside backing of the material used in packaging an energy type bar he was eating.  Yes, he kept the packaging for later use.  And yes, the fly worked.  I use his designs, with great success, in the States too." Mark Irvin 2016

"I have been fishing Martin's flies the past few seasons, Martin's clever use of natural and synthetic products, combined with his detailed attention to size,colour and movement of the insects he is imitating  make for some fantastic fly patterns that have landed myself and friends (who I have given flies to!) some great fish, his flies are extremely well made unlike the cheap overseas produced ones.

Martin's knowledge and experience  in flyfishing is astounding and I have found him to be very willing to share in what he knows with both his flies and flyfishing in general.”  Paul Macandrew  Wanaka NZ 2009

"It is nice to see you still enjoy the fly tying so much ... especially given that you have such a talent for it. You are lucky to have the heritage you have."  Tony Entwistle  NZ 2009

A passion and thorough knowledge of freshwater ecology coupled with an in depth familiarity of local rivers has aided in Martin’s trout fly design and success. Flies are often tied particularly suited to a specific river, or even trout, especially for clients. See more in his  DVD’s.

For a 'young' country New Zealand has a lush trout fly history and culture. Martin was privileged to have been mentored by renowned Canterbury fly tiers such as R K Bragg, Al Creedon and John Morton. Passing on this tradition and knowledge is another passion.

Trout Flies for Sale:

  • ALL flies are intricately crafted by Martin with high quality materials. Many innovative and original patterns are used.
  • Dry flies, Nymphs, Streamers
  • Boxed gift sets  (customized on request)
  • Framed Shadow Boxes. Trout flies are artistically presented and framed. (Martin has exhibited these in New Zealand Art Galleries and has also won awards.)

Interested in Buying the Flies?

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