Fly Tying Lessons

Learn or improve fly tying with Martin Langlands

I am now offering FLY TYING LESSONS for all levels Complete Beginner - Intermediate - Expert (we are all looking to expand horizons). Read on to learn more or watch the video below.

Learn to tie your own flies

Fly tying can be a wonderfully expansive addition to your fly fishing skills. It is a great way to fill in winter or those times when you can't fish and is deeply rewarding in terms of both catching fish, saving money and being creative but be warned it can become addictive! 

For these reasons it's my pleasure to offer FLY TYING LESSONS for all levels Complete Beginner - Intermediate - Expert (we are all looking to expand horizons).

Nymphs - Dry Flies - Streamers including Intruders and Articulated styles - Egg patterns  - Saltwater - Booby style etc all bases covered. A range of simple 2-minute ties through to more complex.  


Gain a better understanding of Freshwater ecology - Entomology and most importantly how to better Fly Fish patterns.


Featuring a blend of traditional tried and true patterns combined with new modern patterns - principles you can take forward and adapt upon - trout fly design - form and function - an understanding of materials (yes there are many fantastic new materials many Kiwi anglers are just not aware of they catch fish !!!! ).  

Courses for the most part are 1 on 1 or 1 on 2  (however small groups can be organized) this ensures you get the maximum attention within these lessons and it's important to note each course is customized especially for you. 

The method goes like this. First we talk about what you would like to learn then I design a course to best suit you and the type of fishing you partake in this way you learn the most useful patterns to suit waters you fish. I can come to you or a venue that suits at mutually agreeable times  (I'm flexible) supplied.

All tools can be supplied - All materials supplied and included you get full material kits to continue on with - DVD - film resources (many private) also included - continued support given.

Each individual process will vary and I fully tune into this aspect so you feel no pressure and it's all about learning, having fun and expanding at your pace. 

Fly tying lessons can also be incorporated into guiding trips (evenings) and public demonstrations - discussion and film options are available for small groups such as clubs.

My first foray in this art of fly tying was about 1974 when dad realized it may be handy to have me knock out flies for our many fishing trips. Little did he realize this was going to start a total lifelong passion. I then started to tie commercially for fabled John Morten's operation, and then for individuals and shops during the rest of the 1970s. Along the way, I keenly absorbed all the information I could about fly tying and developed ever-increasing skills and knowledge. This leads me to a full-time job opportunity working as a custom tier in the Tackle box which was then one of New Zealand's premier outfitters in 1986 it was during these years I met many New Zealand and overseas anglers and tiers and started to constantly explore new materials, patterns and got a mature feel for trout fly design especially getting first-hand feedback from a wide spread of anglers also during these years I started teaching fly tying in the shop. Meeting the likes of John Goddard, Gary Borger, R K Bragg and many others was an honour learning much from them.



In 1989 I set out to become self-employed, working full time crafting trout flies from a workshop in Christchurch and selling directly to the public. This then led me into a full time guiding career which of course I still do now, guiding was a great platform for learning even more about pushing trout fly design further to get even better results. Producing Film and DVDs also became a focus from 2009 and still going strong today, these feature many aspects relating to fly fishing, fly tying and importantly freshwater ecology. Through all these years teaching anglers and fly tiers upskill is a common thread and a real passion. Maybe I can help you?