Fly Fishing Tuition

Learn to fly fish in Canterbury with Martin Langlands

Kiwi streamcraft and lakecraft customised
to suit your fly fishing experience.

Personalised fly-fishing lessons

The South Island is blessed to have some of the best fly fishing available in the world and it's readily accessible, so what better place to improve your fly fishing skills, with personalised fly fishing lessons.

Since the mid-80s I've been teaching New Zealand anglers how to improve their fishing technique and teaching them how to gain more enjoyment out of their fly fishing. Fly fishing trips are arranged throughout Canterbury and many other parts of the South Island.

Seeing anglers upskill is a real passion of mine. My fly fishing tuition package can be tailored to beginners, the novice and intermediate anglers, with a focus on customizing the fly fishing lessons to suit your level of experience, along with the things you specifically wish to improve or learn. 

These fly fishing lessons are very practical, taking pace on stream or on the lake. We deal a lot with reading the river, stream craft, the approach and all manner of aspects of fly fishing. Whilst the focus is not upon catching fish we frequently we do catch fish on these missions.

Questions? I'm happy to discuss your requirements or answer any questions you might have. Contact me on the details below.

If you would like a fly casting or fly fishing lesson I look forward to helping you. Please contact me anytime, on the details below.

Fly Casting Lessons

Fly casting is the foundation to becoming an effective fly fisher. 

I’ve been privileged to have been involved in teaching the art of fly casting since the mid-80s and it's very satisfying to see many of the anglers I have taught fly casting become very accomplished anglers.

My foundation to fly casting started in the early 70s when I was introduced to fly fishing by my father Ian. We used split cane rods and if you could fish with these rods all day in the northwest or on the high country lakes you can fish with anything. Also at the time, I  was very lucky to get lessons from George Ferris, a legendary fly caster and author based. I’ve been very privileged to meet many other great fly casters from around the world such as Gary Borger, Joan Wulff, and Lefty Kreh. These people have helped me so that I can better help you with your fly casting. 

A point of differentiation with my fly casting lessons is that all based on the water. I go to a local pond or river and find this gives you way more practical and better results, after all, we're fishing on the water, not the grass.