Fly fishing the South Island of New Zealand with Martin Langlands

Christchurch Fly Fishing

New Zealand has a lush trout fishing heritage strongly influenced by British pioneers.


The Introduction of Brown Trout to Christchurch

The first Brown Trout were introduced to New Zealand in 1867 arriving in Christchurch by sailing ships via Tasmania, Australia. The original hatchery was set up on the Avon River in the centre of Christchurch, near the picturesque Botanical Gardens.

Ova Box
Ova Box

The founding of the original hatchery were eyed ova (trout eggs). The eggs were transported in wooden boxes containing moss and kept cool with ice.

The trip from Tasmania was long and arduous so survival rate of the first shipment was not good and only three ova hatched, little did the hatchery curator Andrew Johnson know how they would eventually flourish!


It’s difficult to comprehend just how popular Brown Trout would become to large numbers of anglers in New Zealand and also visitor anglers from the world over! Indeed South Island New Zealand has become the “Brown Trout Mecca” of the world.

You can but respect the tenacious efforts of our early pioneers and acclimatisation societies!

Each year Martin visits a memorial on the Avon River in Christchurch commemorating the first hatchery location and introduction of Brown Trout.

He highly recommends you visit this place. Please contact Martin for a detailed map - email

Memorial commemorating the first Christchurch hatchery location
Memorial commemorating the first Christchurch hatchery location

The Origins of New Zealand Brown Trout

The introduction of Brown Trout to New Zealand inspired Martin’s production of a short narrated film featuring the Avon River and the many Brown Trout that thrive to this day in the centre of Christchurch.

The film can be found on a chapter of Troutlands Volume 3 DVD.