Fly fishing the South Island of New Zealand with Martin Langlands


October 1st – April 30th is the main fishing season. However, there are a few options all year round.


October 1st – April 30th is the main fishing season. However there are a few options all year round


Mainly Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout, but also Brook Char, Searun Brown Trout,  Chinook Salmon. We specialise in sight fishing.


Canterbury,  North Canterbury, Central South Island, North Otago, West Coast, Day trips out of Christchurch


“The opaque oblongs in the pool are trout. That is when you learn, if you have any sense at all, that fishing in New Zealand demands adaptation. You realize that you have never seen clear water. Never seen trout this big or this wild”  - Klinkenberg, 1988

Best time to Fish?


Any month has its benefit. Due to the changeable weather patterns and water conditions, partly due to New Zealand’s location, every season is different. As an experienced guide, Martin can give you the best possible fishing available. There are plenty of weather- proof options during drought, floods or high winds.

Areas we Fish


Heralded the world over, New Zealand's scenery is majestic, diverse, dramatic and beautiful, hence areas we fish are used in world acclaimed movies such as the “Lord of the Rings”. We are lucky to have these special places available whilst we fish.

River fishing is our focus


River fishing is Troutlands main focus, this includes wilderness backcountry rivers, spring creeks, small streams, forest creeks, meadow creeks, limestone rivers, remote headwaters, and lowland streams. Additionally scenic high country lakes, tarns and coastal lagoons can produce exceptional angling.

We take great pride in choosing from a vast range of South Island waters to best suit conditions and your preferences and abilities. Client customisation is the key.


My son-in-law and I spent two days fishing in the Canterbury region in spring 2015 with zero results then the following two days with Martin guiding and great results. At the beginning he asked if we wanted to just catch fish or learn as much as we could. We chose the later- phew he pushed us, but we are both still buzzing nearly a year later and I had just ticked off a successful “Bucket list” item with a great result.” Michael Murphy, Otaki

mattc-2"I have fly fished New Zealand usually for a week or so per trip for over a decade. Having fished in many other places, I consider it to be the best trout fishing in the world. But even for an experienced angler like me, it is challenging, often difficult weather, savvy, huge trout and gin clear waters. To meet these challenges, I have had the honor and pleasure of working with ace New Zealand guide Martin Langlands. Martin is a master at his craft. From long experience, he knows weather, waters, strategies, big trout, battling big trout, and what flies big trout eat (like me, you may be surprised). Given my years with Martin, I could tell you many stories about his expert guidance in catching life time memory big browns, but you might not believe them. I encourage you to live your own stories with Martin. You may be amazed! In addition to his fishing expertise, Martin is an accomplished artist and naturalist. For a long time, Martin has been not only my NZ fishing guide, but also a trusted friend. Meet the challenge with the best. Matt Campbell, Deputy Attorney General, California


If you were to single out Martin’s main passion as a guide, it’s the pursuit of New Zealand’s largest Brown Trout! The adventure involved in hooking and landing a “Once in a lifetime fish” in magnificent wilderness head waters and sharing the excitement with a client is fantastic! … but this is far too limiting really as every experience is fantastic.

Specializing in sight fishing to Brown and Rainbow Trout and using a mix of dry flies and nymphs forms the most part of our fishing adventures. Martin uses his own specialist original patterns and tested approaches that he has pioneered. These are skills you can carry forward and apply to any place in the world so aside from the adventure, you should acquire some new angling skills.

Over recent years very productive Streamer fishing methods have produced some very satisfying experiences . This has had some remarkable results, especially for Sea run Browns. Sight fishing Streamers can be amazing.

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