martin-langlands-fly-fishing-guide-nzWhen we fly fish Canterbury and in our South Island Angling adventures it’s important to note we have a vast diversity of river types to choose from each with its own character opening up numerous possibilities to anglers horizons. During multi day trips anglers often are amazed at the sheer range available within a small radius {1.5 hour drive} and “variety is the spice of life” right? Choosing the very best location to suit the day becomes a multidimensional skill with decisions made using accumulated knowledge from many many years in this career.

Factors taken into consideration firstly start with client brief. Expectations are balanced with the clients angling ability and physicality. Further factors are the weather, river conditions and aspects such as visibility coming into play. There are some rivers with small trout populations that just won’t be productive if we can’t see in the water. Another often over looked factor is other angler and guide pressure, many of our rivers are very pressure sensitive so this is always a consideration.

So lets explore this range of water types that have been a huge part of my life and Troutlands operation. I feel deeply privileged having gathered a comprehensive and ever expanding knowledge relating to these.

A fantastic start to the new fishing season

I am writing this newsletter on one of my few days off. Its been, and continues to be, a very busy and productive time guiding. During October, I guided 27 days and what a fantastic start to the new season – welcoming back international anglers and many repeat Kiwi clients. It has been a diverse…

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Kia ora from a deep and golden autumn April

April turned into another busy period with a perfect blend of work comprised of fly tying, fly fishing tuition, and of course, guiding coming back strongly into focus, with my first international client for 2 years. During the late days of April, I guided Dave from the USA into some quality Brown Trout. These fish…

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A very long overdue update and a big thank you

Kai Ora, a warm welcome to this long overdue update. As with many, these past two years with Covid 19 have been remarkably challenging but am very pleased to inform you that I have remained full time in the fly fishing industry, unlike many who have gone on to other things and feel humbled to…

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Fly fishing trip report from Italian fisherman Riccardo Maleci

Riccardo with his first New Zealand Trout on a sunny dry fly day

“I imagine my fishing mate, Richie, and me are the kind of clients who are usually quite difficult to deal with! Although we consider ourselves very experienced fishermen, this can be a great disadvantage when in an environment very different to Italy. On our NZ trip with Martin and Peter Langlands we took our “Orientation pack”,…

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2018 – 2019 Fly Fishing Season in Review

With the end of the main season only a few weeks away I thought it a great time to catch up , it’s been such a busy season and since October have had no time to let you know what been happening. The 2018-2019 has been a superb season in ever way with a wide…

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A most fabulous start to new season

We have had an amazing start to the new season with many happy clients on a wide range of water types be it backcountry rivers or meadow spring creeks and small streams every client has landed multiple fish and many very good size. October has featured warmer than average days bringing rivers to life with…

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A look at the 2017-18 Season

Another very busy and productive season is over, one that saw me start full-on guiding early October then all of the way to the end of April. It was a season that created so many great memories for us all! Firstly I would like to thank the very loyal repeat clients for coming back year after…

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