Warm greetings from the midst of a New Zealand winter after a massive guiding season

Kia ora, warm greetings in the midst of winter. I’ve finally gotten around to writing this blog after one of the most massive seasons of my 31-year career, which was so welcomed after those Covid years and closed borders. Starting guiding in October 2022 felt so good—guiding most days right up until Christmas. Aside from a few weather events, the angling was exceptional. It featured good numbers of Brown trout and exceptional Mayfly hatches. I had so many happy and rewarding days spent in various river types and regions. One frequent repeater, John, dubbed his trip a “fish coma.” After a small break for Christmas, it was back out again all the way to the end of the season. The resulting experiences were all very positive, with client feedback being heartwarming, to say the least. So I really want to thank all supporters for making such a fabulous season.

One standout was the range of destinations anglers came from. Let me name a few: India, Poland, Bosnia, Japan, England, Scotland, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Italy. The list goes on, and let me not forget the growing number of Kiwi anglers I am both guiding and teaching.

The real positive about being so busy is the accumulated knowledge that builds up, edifies, and can be applied to future angling trips. I’ve discovered lots of new rivers, new accommodations, new access, new fly patterns, and new approaches that I can’t wait to weave into your next guided trip! On that note, my hometown base of Darfield continues to be better serviced with two impressive new eateries opening up and wider accommodation options. It’s also really positive to see more international flights arriving directly into Christchurch and flight prices getting better.

There’s no better time to plan your next South Island New Zealand trip.

I am currently busy commercially tying trout flies and will continue this until late September. Doing this for Kiwi and international orders is enjoyable and rewarding, so thank you. Film work is also keeping me busy, and on this subject, here are links to recent videos… hope you enjoy.

Thanks again, and I hope to hear from you soon. Martin Langlands

A rare Guides day off in backcountry
A rare Guide’s day off in the Backcountry