Kia ora from a deep and golden autumn April

April turned into another busy period with a perfect blend of work comprised of fly tying, fly fishing tuition, and of course, guiding coming back strongly into focus, with my first international client for 2 years.

During the late days of April, I guided Dave from the USA into some quality Brown Trout. These fish pushed us at times as the late season can be a testing time but the results were superb and the learning parts even better. Featured at this time mayfly hatches became prolific (as they have been all season) this led me to develop a super simple super effective pattern called the 2minute Mayfly which was to become a huge trout catcher from January onwards this I put into a short highly informative video available on youtube Dave got his best fish as seen in the image on this Dry Fly and it’s so easy to tie and a joy to fish  …please come and have a look.

Troutlands Salmoscope YouTube Channel

My Youtube Channel is the portal to good content the aim being to bring accumulated fly fishing knowledge and artistic expressions to you. Please come and subscribe.

Trout Fly Work

Trout Fly work is another strong focus right now with a new winter range that is widely comprehensive and ever-growing at the same time I’m also taking and working on orders so please get in touch if you want either winter flies – some for next season (thinking ahead) please contact me any time. 

International orders are also welcomed using robust postal services and PayPal or Bank deposits. Please note I won’t be tying so much next season so orders from now till – September get full focus and love. Many thanks to all supporters your why I do this …

Client Feedback

Here is a nice reference from Cody who I took out on a Tuition-Upskill session recently thanks for the feedback and it’s heartening to see your development and enjoyment of the sport. Kiwi Anglers you ROCK.

Hi Martin, many thanks to you for my angling success this year! Having a day out with you to increase my casting skill as well as using your flies has made a huge difference. I think that using flies that I have confidence and trust in, makes for a much more enjoyable experience. The black 2-minute cicada has become my go-to indicator. I love how  easy it is to see on the water, and it catches tons of fish! I really appreciate you putting in a few extra flies for me, as well as offering that I can pick them up. Planning to get out for a few days this week.     

Cody Todd April 2022

Here is a link to the pattern Cody Mentions ( another edition of Salmoscope)

New Zealand’s international borders to re-open

New Zealand’s International borders are open from July 31, 2022, that’s welcome news to many and well placed for those making plans to visit the South Island for fly fishing so if you are thinking of planning a trip I welcome connecting with you to customize a trip that best suits you. 

Please do this soon as I am fortunate to have some sets of dates available and goodwill always be on offer for early bookings. There are so many exciting new places etc to experience in this peacefully scenic welcoming land that is New Zealand. Would be great to hear from you and to share a passion.