Another Superb Fishing Season

As another superb season finished it’s time to let you know more about it in this blog.

Firstly a huge thanks to the Kiwi supporters that turned a most difficult time into a wonderful time as you keep me busy and well engaged in aspects of guiding tuition fly casting lessons and many many 1000s of trout flies that I hope did not end up in trees or on a snag. I consider myself fortunate as many other guides dropped out of fly fishing to take up other work and of course remaining full time in this industry after 31 years is what I’m all about.

Sept-Oct -Nov and December the main focus was upon fly fishing tuition helping Kiwi anglers up skill with practical streamcraft lessons and it soon became apparent these were going to be a hit with locals and it was during these lessons I learnt much more than ever before about teaching elements, methods and approaches with much satisfaction for clients often catching more than their first trout but more importantly leaving them more confident and empowered. Fly fishing tuition is here to stay within the services on offer and I look forward to helping any of you in the future being aimed at novice – beginner and intermediate anglers all customized to suit you.

USA specialist rod company put out a new model called the Centric that fell into my hands via Rene Vaz who runs Manic Tackle Project – without doubt Australasia’s most innovative and passionate fly fishing tackle provider, and was super excited to check it and fish with it all season, its an incredibly light-responsive and powerful rod and a real joy to use in a wide host of situations and yes I did have more time to go personal fishing. Putting in play a rule for myself that was ‘to only fish new waters up until Christmas’ so lots of exploring some magnificent new finds, great adventures and some incredible fishing spiced up with a few double-digit trout, I can’t wait to share these places with you when Covid passes and international travel returns. To see the Scott centric in action please check out this short video.

From Christmas onwards tuition ramped up even more and diversified into lakecraft as well as streamcaft and was great to be working with anglers on these wonderful waters that Canterbury is so blessed with, some guiding also happened mostly focussed on backcountry adventures with great rewards the weather was stable and bluebird days aplenty so it was also productive in terms of filming for new projects. On that subject, during early February both Canterbury fly fishing and Canterbury fishing and casting clubs asked me to do a talk at their meetings, this I did focused on recent short films I have been working on. The NZ heritage trout fly called Matuku was the subject with this film encompassing past – present and future of the trout fly and importantly conservation of the Matuku bird that is critically endangered, both turn out and feedback was really good and I have decided to keep a few of these short films exclusively for Club talks, demonstrations etc so if your club or organisation is looking for a speaker I am more than happy to help.

February – March – April just swept by as they so often do, and they were filled with a blend of guiding, tuition and fishing with family and friends. The weather was superb and we had no major flood events, this facilitated some of the best angling seen for years and trout were in amazing condition with most energy placed on remote backcountry rivers with many a long walk and quality rewards. One such day was spent with Kerry a newer angler I had been helping for a few years, he called and offered to guide me! This took me by surprise and leapt at the opportunity and the day turned into an amazing shared adventure into a river section I had not fished before, it was so great to be taken out of my comfort zone ( if I have one?) into a day I will never forget after all being guided by a pupil! That was a first! Thanks, Kerry. Just recently spending some time fishing with Peter Langlands was also a real blast, many of you will know Pete as he often guides along with me and these days focuses upon professional Foraging and Foraging tours and has been featured on national TV recently. It was great to hit some new and old rivers late in the season get some quality sight fishing to low water Browns and Rainbows – again superb conditioned fish. We both shared one of those special spiritual experiences as we put some of our father Ian’s ashes into a river he loved to fish in the late 60s early 70s then upon the same say we saw 2 Matuku birds and an incredibly rare experience again unforgettable. 

Throughout the whole season, commercial trout fly crafting and designing was a huge component and the support received was humbling and ever-growing so again a deep thank you to my many supporters and those of you that recognize the New Zealand-made aspect and the time and focus that goes into this. Right now I have just released the Winter trout fly range and will be adding to these each week, it’s a super exciting range of Streamers – Glo bugs – Intruders and Nymphs so please come check these out on TradeMe.

With the Trans Tasman bubble happening I look forward to the possibility of seeing many of the great clients and friends again and welcome new anglers to come and check our diverse waters next season and I’m very excited to be adding many more new trip options as I feel it’s important to note that as well as Canterbury I also guide Otago and Westland and have done so for many years. The speciality on offer is trips customised to suit you and your angling level, there really is something for everyone and as shown by the vast numbers of repeat clients these regions have some hidden gems and by far the highest quality trout in South Island! (no I’m not biased). Main options are available from September through to May but also some all year round and often the very best months are early season Oct-Nov-Dec, so please don’t hesitate to talk with me about your next trip.

Yet again a heartfelt thanks to all the supporters that have made what was a very hard season for most in this industry into a deeply insightful, rewarding and productive time it’s so special to have forged soo many new friendships and relationships that will keep moving forward. Please take care and tight lines.  

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