2020 Fly Fishing Season, Helping Kiwi Anglers have a Fly Fishing Adventure

Well here we are and it’s December already.

It’s been a busy period with a blend of fly fishing tuition, fly fishing guiding and many hours commercial fly tying.

The season has offered superb angling amidst very changeable weather patterns and the trout are in superb condition and numerous so there has been a lot of joy.

Kiwi’s Embracing Fly Fishing Adventure

The fly fishing tuition has been a remarkable success with many anglers learning new skills, gaining confidence and new insights to enable better results and more fun, the added bonus has been that most clients have landed fish, many their first and best fish.

These lessons will continue as fishing options open up even more and the warmer summer activates trout activity to higher levels. The tuition can be for rivers and lakes.

This image below does the talking – look at these smiling faces having great fishing adventures. It’s been such a blast helping so many Kiwi Anglers !!!

New Zealand anglers with their trouts.
Kiwi Anglers improving their fly fishing


Lakecraft tuition is coming into focus as the Dragonflies, Damsel flies and Beetles start to hatch. Lakes offer exciting and diverse angling in spectacularly scenic settings.

Gift Vouchers

With Christmas coming up I have gift vouchers available for tuition, guiding, and trout fly sets, these can all be customised to suit your needs and budget. Giving the gift of a fly fishing adventure experience is such a special thing and creates memories that will last forever. Call or email if interested in the gift vouchers. 

Come on a fly fishing adventure with Martin at Troutlands.
Give the gift of a fly fishing adventure with Martin Langlands

Thank You and Take Care

A huge thanks to all supporters during this very difficult time. It is heartening to see the rise in interest from Kiwi anglers within the fly fishing realm, at the same time I am really missing the many international anglers that have become such great friends and the relationships we have developed.

Please hang in there and take care of yourselves, loved ones and those around you and let’s look forward to better days ahead when we can continue the adventures. 

Wishing you all the very best and please keep in touch. 

A few more images …

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