Winter Fishing – Fly Tying – and thoughts about the upcoming season

Covid-19 Update – 20 days with no new cases!

Warm greetings from early winter in the South Island of New Zealand. New Zealand’s big news is that as of today, we have been 20 days with no new Covid19 cases reported and and the last active case has recovered. What a great effort by the people and the Government this has been, sure it has come a huge cost to many businesses and effects upon NZ people but so far so good. As always our hearts go out to all people throughout the world who are suffering through this pandemic please take care and be hopeful for better days ahead.

Winter Fishing Lessons 

Winter fishing started mid May thanks to North Canterbury Fish and Game opening up more and extending season options this was done both in response to anglers losing days during lock-down period and a general desire by Fish and Game to have more participation and enjoyment and I thank them for doing so and fully support this move. It’s been an absolute blast to get out for a few diverse days in recent weeks with the rivers being in great stable flow and high country lakes firing well. In the rivers we have been using a mix of streamers and nymphs with lots of enjoyment experimenting with new designs and combinations one aspect the focus of the last 3 years is a concept called Stymph a crossover between nymph and streamer and these patterns are showing real promise. On the lakes we have been using 3 main methods 1=indicator nymph fishing over deeper drop off ledges 2=fishing sets of 2 small streamers that are weighted on floating line 3= Heave and leave a superb method that combines fast sinking lines and floating flies. Having these 3 methods really adds dimension and enjoyment to the day as  this is all blind fishing so each method at times can work whilst others fail.

If you would like to book me for a Streamcraft or Lakecraft day and further explore these methods please do get in touch with me as I cater for all levels and tune these lessons to suit your needs and ability, they are all about decoding and helping you get more enjoyment from your angling and offered at goodwill price. These will run till the end of September and I am happy to supply all gear including waders etc.

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Trout fly crafting – designing 

It has been a super busy period for me tying orders, with  many hours a week and I have to give a huge thanks to all supporters here in New Zealand and overseas, expanding the range has been a key component with a large range of winter streamers, nymphs, intruders and globugs proving very popular for rivers, lakes stream mouths and of course the Canal fisheries. It’s been rewarding having my brother Peter Langlands testing these on the canals and further exploring a range of lakes in McKenzie that we will add as guide options. 

If you are interested in some of my range there are over 100 sets available here …

Film work updates 

The road is long but I refuse to cut any corners and really want these productions to be the best they can be and full of detailed information for the viewers and very pleased to have 3 chapters finished amounting to 50 minutes of pure fly fishing essence. I hope to have the full set completed late July and can’t wait to release this production. In the most recent chapter I look into a traditional streamer style developed here in New Zealand that has become famous throughout the world the Matuka with the chapter entitled “Matuka-Matuku past present and future” it’s an amalgamation of elements that are historic, modern, conservation and freshwater ecology. The most fun part has been testing adaptations of this streamer style with superb success during winter fishing missions.

Possible Border Opening for Australians

Australian clients both old and new please note that there is a strong possibility the border could open between New Zealand and Australia and early season October – November and December are the very best months to fish my region with diverse and fun options and water ways to be fished. If you’re interested you are advised to make a tentative booking with no deposit required to secure dates, these trips are based out of small country towns with all services and are gateways to some of the very best trout fishing in New Zealand can be airport to airport (Christchurch) so easy for you all planing done by myself and you will be with a guide of more than 30 years experience happy to share all the knowledge i can to make it a special time, even fly tying lessons in evening if you would like.

Please make contact and we can talk about trip options and details customized to suit you.

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