The 2020 Fishing Season is Looking to be a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Here we are 2020 and a very happy new year to you all and hope it bring about good things. This season thus far has been incredible in every way and very busy.

As predicted the mouse year is in full swing and clients have landed many trout over 10 Pounds with the best so far being 16 pounds. These fish are not easy to catch but set the stage for rewarding and at times heart-breaking adventure angling. It should be noted that April will be the peak time to seek the very best of these fish and I still have a few openings so please get in contact if you’re interested. It going to be a once in a life time sort of season!

There is way more to this season than just mouse feeding trout. We are experiencing superb willow grub fishing and cicadas are starting to hatch out. That means January-February-March become times for very diverse angling scenes and methods with most trout will be in very good condition as you will see in images accompanying this blog.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so here is sample from recent weeks. For me its back to tying more guide flies and preparing for future guide trips.

A huge thanks to all of my supporters. You’ve made this a dream season with many new friendships and relationships the big highlight of the season.

Tight lines, Martin Langlands