The new fishing season is off to a fabulous start

October has been super busy, with clients experiencing fantastic fishing in very changeable conditions.

As mentioned in my last blog, it has become very apparent this is a mouse year. The trout are in superb condition and this will only get better and in many ways March and April will become top times to fish so please get in contact with me if you would like a chance to immerse yourself in some very special places and trout.

As frequently happens in Spring, weather and water conditions have been swinging with big mood changes. It’s at these times we find ourselves visiting a delightful set of spring creeks we are lucky to have in this area. Check out these underwater images showing just how clear and clean many of these streams are. These can be technical fisheries and it’s rewarding to see how clients adapt and enjoy such waters.

It was a real pleasure pre-season to give a talk at Ballingers Hunting and Fishing store for Manic Tackle Project, a company I have deep respect for and who of course, bring in some of the best tackle in New Zealand and Australia.

The theme I talked upon was the use of larger streamer methods that are particularly suitable in Canterbury’s larger braided river offering anglers all year round fishing in parts. Learn more at

Speaking of fly fishing products, I recently updated our landing nets with a newer type of mesh net that is much better for the trout and it’s with pride that we use these nets – as they are made right here in Christchurch by McLean Angling. I have been using their nets since the early 90’s, as they are so well made and of course they feature inbuilt scales for weighing fish. Thus far, the best trout has been a 9.5 pound Brown but that will change in the upcoming months 🙂 … check their products out

Each and every day, I take many images and video to document your guided fishing experiences and I am constantly adding to my camera gear. It’s a real pleasure to be able to give anglers a full set of images at the end of their trip so they can look back upon the day and share with friends and family. This service is included in the guide fee. I also offer an edited video of your trip here, using my video editing skills to craft a production you will cherish forever and a very dynamic way to share your trip. These productions incur a charge dependent upon the amount of work required and are something I really love doing for clients over winter months.

After a winter of full-on commercial fly tying and designing it’s such a good feeling to be putting new patterns and tweaks to the test, even better seeing clients’ and trouts reactions.

Thanks again to all of my supporters and I so hope you can come and be a part of this incredible season. It will only get better – check out this rainbow trout from last week to get you inspired.

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