2018 – 2019 Fly Fishing Season in Review

With the end of the main season only a few weeks away I thought it a great time to catch up , it’s been such a busy season and since October have had no time to let you know what been happening.

The 2018-2019 has been a superb season in ever way with a wide diversity of clients spanning the world over and it has been  heartening to see a growing number of younger people and ladies getting into fly fishing also a growing number of father and sons sharing precious time together . Seems to me fly fishing is all about the real experience and that’s what makes it so special , aside from guiding many highly skilled anglers it should be noted that i am really enjoying teaching the many aspects of fly fishing and fly tying to so many ,each morning when we start a new guide day my quote often is ..

“Each day writes itself and we never know what will happen but i can promise one thing that you will learn a lot and these learnings you can take forward wherever you may fish ”

A game of two halves is a cliche often banded about but was so true of this season with the period from late October through December being very cold  with frequent rainfall then January till now has been very warm with many superb days making for excellent angling ,in Canterbury we were fortunate to get the occasional rain fall keeping our many and varied rivers and streams in good condition . These favorable conditions resulted in some super well conditioned trout with many larger than average trout for clients also its been inspiring to see larger numbers of small fish as there seems to be a generational change happening in many trout populations great news for the future.

In coming months i will update you in more detailed about the many happenings ,people, places and fish we encountered during this season . I would like to thank all clients for your fantastic support for without you it just would not happen, i feel very humbled and blessed to be a part of so many fly fishing journeys and feel this was the most rewarding season ever for Troutlands. Also a huge thank you to all anglers that purchased my custom trout flies and DVDs and look forward to further developing these !, after all i filmed and imaged each and every guide -solo day on the water this season and have all footage -images saved !!! so much to work with going forward.

On that note know as the season ends I will have more time to filter out and get video -images to clients, thanks for your patience.

As always now is a great time to think ahead to book your next season trip so please get in touch sooner rather than later as it looks to be a busier one coming.

“I am a green fly fisherman and was hoping to get a day on the water when I was in New Zealand.  Found Martin and I am so glad I did.  He was quick to respond to my questions and sought to know my goals for the day.  When I met him, I found him to be an absolute professional, but not only that, he was genuinely friendly-a fellow I was happy to get to spend a day on the water with.  The equipment he provided was premium quality.  He helped me with my casting and not only that, he taught me about trout behavior and aquatic entomology, all of which I was keen to learn more.  We had an incredible day far exceeding my expectations catching 5 massive browns and had other hookups.  I cannot recommend Martin enough.  I fully plan to go with him again if I have another opportunity to be in his beautiful country.”

Joel Barnett USA