Hello from New Zealand’s mid-winter – here’s some of my fly fishing news

Feeling very privileged to have 2 of my original NZ flies featured in this fabulous book congratulations the author Tony Lolli if you’re further interested please follow the link to purchase or find out more info …

The ultimate book for fly fishing enthusiasts, featuring stunning photography of flies and the fishermen who use them.

Features a foreword by President Jimmy Carter!

“For the millions of fly fishers who are passionate about their sport, this gorgeous book is both a visual feast and the perfect reference. The Art of the Fishing Fly includes a history of fly fishing focusing on the evolution of fishing flies; a guide to essential equipment; a how-to section on tying three key flies by three top fly tyers; and essays by noted experts. The book’s core includes 75 profiles of flies—the soul of the sport—with absolutely stunning colour photographs of each fly and fascinating stories behind the flies, inspirational photographs of fly fishers in action, and profiles of the top 19 fly fishing locations around the world.”

https://www.amazon.com/Art- Fishing-Fly-Tony-Lolli/dp/ 1454929022

One of the most fascinating aspects for being involved a many fly fishing social media networks is the diverse information you receive one such story was from Jeremy Asher based in Dunedin, during a recent trip to fish streamers in a coastal river he landed this superb Sea Run Brown Trout [ yes we do have some good winter fishing} .To Jeremy’s surprise the fish coughed up about 20 small electric blue juvenile Lamprey, this is a native species that is little understood by anglers and science is trying to find out more about their breeding cycles and details. See below image of the New Zealand Native fish first day cover displaying important and unique native fish found here , the study of these is a real passion for me as is developing imitations and here is a Lamprey streamer that has been working well but still feel it can be improved upon, that’s fly fishing a series of never-ending evolution and learning .


May, June and July have been remarkably busy for me tying and selling a comprehensive range of winter trout fly patterns and I thank all my supporters it’s been so good to deal with anglers from all over the country. The great feedback received is super inspiring also I have had a few days on the water myself testing out new patterns, I find it important to test durability, how they perform in the water and of course how well fish respond !. One theme focused upon is  modern updates on classic NZ streamers with keeping a careful balance combining original character with new functional modern materials such as the Mrs Simpson seen below here I have added barred rabbit body a 3D head and glow in the dark eyes , this has been a very popular seller and I look forward to growing this range. Some new Loon fly-tying tools have been added recently and they are performing very well so if you are looking to purchase please check the range out having tested them with over 30 hours per week each and every week they have performed very well and have a great feel. https://www. manictackleproject.com/loon- fly-tying-tools.  The current winter range of trout flies will run until mid-August so be sure to get anything you want soon please! then come mid-August a vibrant and time-tested Spring-Summer range will be added so super excited about that. Please check the current winter range out on my Trademe shop link below …

https://www.trademe.co.nz/ Members/Listings.aspx?member= 2169119

Thinking about Spring Creeks with their gin clear water, lush water weed features and abundant fish life keep angling dreams alive during a cold winter! We just can’t wait to get back to visit and fish the 100s known about in the Canterbury and Westland regions they have long been both a personal and client favourites. These spring creeks are very diverse in nature, we fish very small spring creeks with light 2-3 wt rods then larger wide-open style some are on the plains other can be found in the high country all offer superb at times testing angling with a dry fly and nymph methods. If you’re interested in Spring Creeks please let us know as they are a speciality of the Troutlands’ operation and you will be in for a treat.

Bookings for the new season are coming in and thanks again for all your support if you’re interested in a trip, a day or learning more now is a great time to get hold of me with the main season starting in less than 3 months time.

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