New Zealand Mayflies

As I fished this week it was heartening to see a very lush mayfly hatch about midday it’s not widely known but here in South Island we often get some of the best mayfly hatches during the early and late season. We have 3-4 common types of mayfly the most majestic being the Coloburiscus humeralis, it’s distinctive yellow wing, orange-brown body and larger size make it the apple in the eye for NZ anglers who call them the Kakahi Queen and trout love them. The well-prepared fly boxes of spring carry a range of their nymphs, emergers, and dry fly patterns something I am tying as we speak, these are featured in detail in Troutland’s Volume 2 DVD.  Visit Through October, November and December clients will be fishing many mayfly hatches so it’s about to get excited and we can’t wait for the season to open soon

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