Fantastic winter lake fishing in New Zealand’s High Country

Some fantastic winter lake fishing kept us in the swing of things during July and August, even just driving up to these high country lakes was an experience by its self the dynamic snow covered mountain ranges and vast valleys.

Dressing warm was key and we found that Simms G3 and Freestone waders worked very well and dressing in layers vital that said some afternoons we got too hot in contrast early morning saw ice in the rings of our fly rods and cold hands.



A big part of the enjoyment came from using varying methods such as streamers on floating and sinking lines, Dead drift nymphs under large indicators and a new method to me called “heave and leave” that was very productive. this method entails using a fast sinking line a short leader and floating flies that incorporate foam, you simply cast out allow to sink and the trout takes the fly mostly dead drift and the great thing is it works well as most trout are deep in the lakes at this time of year.


So a whole new world opened up and we are going to apply this in summer months to still waters.

Great times spent with Peter Langlands and Wayne Barnes in these images.


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