Freestone River Fly Fishing

Commonly these rivers flow out from rolling hills then out through plains over a long course and gathering tributaries. A popular example is the Mataura River in Southland and there are many such rivers in varying sizes through out the South Island. Such rivers are less physical in terms of terrain and can provide the angler with higher volumes of trout. At times Mayfly and Caddis hatches are common place as are willow grub falls, all providing exciting dry fly and emerger fishing as well as both blind and sight fishing nymphs in a mixture of runs, glides and pools.


As with all rivers they are dynamic and change often according to the seasons and some of the best guided angling is experienced in them often with surprisingly large fish. Many such rivers flow long distances hence having many beats {sections of river we fish in a day} often we incorporate a two car shuttle on such water this gives clients more fishing time and eliminates a walk back to the vehicle.