Fly fishing Meadow Creeks and Small Streams in Canterbury

Commonly formed by rain and small springs in foothill areas, these waters offer the angler a more intimate experience. They are the domain of smaller lighter 3-5 wt rods and produce a wide range of trout sizes. Often such streams are more weatherproof as options and the words “wind shadow” are often whispered. Small Streams flow through a mix of open pastures, limestone country with some surrounded by native bush.


Others are enclosed by a lush canopy of willow trees which can call for close range casting { the bow and arrow cast }. Mayfly, Caddis and small nymphs work effectively as do Willow Grubs during hot summer days when trout frantically feed upon these small caterpillars that fall to float upon the surface.

It is during these times you can get remarkably close to trout and watching them let alone catching them is a treat. The other great thing about small streams is they offer easier walking and wading for the less physical angler. In the areas I guide there is a vast array of small streams of differing character to choose from some with remarkable surprisingly large Brown Trout and such waters always teach us new things and are full of surprises.