Flying Fishing Canterbury Spring Creeks

Canterbury New Zealand spring creeks are characterised by naturally filtered alkaline water of great clarity and are also conductive to a wide range of biodiversity.These rivers are not so liable to sudden fluctuation in level and support a lush growth of wafting green weed beds and clear water, trout love these places. In contrast to boisterous noisy headwaters, these trout often glide silently as they meander to the sea or parent river. For the angler, size of trout takes second place to the blend of delicate skillful presentation required when using long leaders and small flies that form a highly visual experience . Such Spring Creeks are often associated with the English Chalk Streams that well known authors such as Frank Sawyer wrote about, and so they should, there is a remarkable similarity.

The lower sections of Spring Creeks that enter the sea frequently hold good numbers of Searun Brown Trout. These can be huge {7-18 pounds} feasting on baitfish,shrimps,snails and nymphs. Such fish are harder to catch but we do well sight fishing them during the day, great for anglers that don’t want to walk far.

Here on the East Coast we are very fortunate to have another unique form known as High Country Spring Creeks. These flow into larger backcountry rivers and lakes, and occur in majestic alpine settings often flowing deeper and faster than their low country counterpart. Being home to smaller populations of very large Rainbow and Brown Trout many High Country Spring Creeks act as important spawning areas not only for trout but the mighty Chinook Salmon. I must warn you that these creeks can be very addictive, are particularly weather sensitive {wind especially} and offer very rewarding and sometimes technical fishing .

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