Guided NZ fly fishing and fly fishing lessons in the South Island of New Zealand with professional fly fishing guide, Martin Langlands

Welcome. Troutlands is a supreme fly fishing experience located in Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand, and is run by Martin Langlands, a very experienced Canterbury New Zealand fly fishing guide and fly fishing tutor who has accumulated over 2900 fly fishing guide days to date.

Fly Fishing Tuition

Learn to fly fish or improve your fly fishing skills with practical fly fishing and fly casting lessons. During the lesson, we will deal a lot with reading the river, stream craft, the approach and all manner of aspects of fly fishing. Whilst the focus is not upon catching fish we frequently do catch fish on these missions. Learn More


Fly Tying Lessons

I'm now offering FLY TYING LESSONS for all levels Complete Beginner - Intermediate - Expert (we are all looking to expand horizons). Fly tying is deeply rewarding in terms of both catching fish, saving money and being creative but be warned it can become addictive!  Learn More

About Martin Langlands

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide

Martin Langlands has been a full-time New Zealand fly fishing guide since 1991 and is a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guide Association (NZPFGA). Martin has an intimate knowledge of a wide spectrum of the South Island’s finest rivers. A man of many talents, Martin also has produced some unique, informative New Zealand fly fishing DVD’s and also is well known for his exquisite trout fly designs.

Fly Fishing Trip Options

New Zealand Fly Fishing Packages

Troutlands offers numerous wonderful trout fly experiences in a wide variety of areas and waters. All trips include the following; transport, lunch, gear can be supplied, trout flies, leaders, tippets, we will make sure you are fully covered!  Multi-Day Packages are our most popular option. These trips vary from 2-12 days in length with 5-6 days being the most common. On collection from Christchurch, (or meeting at another location) we drive to an appropriate fishing base chosen strategically to suit the weather, water conditions and your preferences. 

NZ Fly Fishing Locations

The Scenic South Island

Based out of Christchurch, the scenic South Island of New Zealand has stunning scenery with diverse river available. This is an area that offers plenty of options for all weather conditions and clients needs.

Canterbury, North Canterbury, Central South Island, North Otago, and the West Coast are the main areas guided.

New Zealand Fly Fishing Blog - Latest Fishing Updates

Another Superb Fishing Season

May 12, 2021

As another superb season finished it’s time to let you know more about it in this blog. Firstly a huge thanks to the Kiwi supporters that turned a most difficult time into a wonderful time as you keep me busy and well engaged in aspects of guiding tuition fly casting lessons and many many 1000s…

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2020 Fly Fishing Season, Helping Kiwi Anglers have a Fly Fishing Adventure

Dec 7, 2020

Well here we are and it’s December already. It’s been a busy period with a blend of fly fishing tuition, fly fishing guiding and many hours commercial fly tying. The season has offered superb angling amidst very changeable weather patterns and the trout are in superb condition and numerous so there has been a lot…

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Fly fishing and fly casting lessons in Canterbury

Aug 4, 2020

Learn to fly fish, or improve your angling skills with a professional fly fishing guide. All lessons are based in Canterbury. The fly fishing lessons are very practical, taking pace on stream or on the lake. We deal a lot with reading the river, stream craft, the approach and all manner of aspects of fly…

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Trout fly showcase from Martin Langlands

Aug 4, 2020

Showcasing Martin’s highly original, innovative and performance-based Trout Flies all crafted and designed by Martin Langlands in New Zealand. Martin has been fully involved in this since 1985 and continues to grow and develop. Flies can be purchased directly from Martin. Flies can be customised to your requirements as well. You can see Martin’s flies…

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Winter Fishing – Fly Tying – and thoughts about the upcoming season

Jun 12, 2020

Covid-19 Update – 20 days with no new cases! Warm greetings from early winter in the South Island of New Zealand. New Zealand’s big news is that as of today, we have been 20 days with no new Covid19 cases reported and and the last active case has recovered. What a great effort by the…

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A Time of Big Fish – and a Big Thanks

Apr 20, 2020

I’m writing this during New Zealand’s strict Covid-19  lockdown. Recent events have seemed unimaginable – as does the very abrupt finish to the 2019-2020 New Zealand fishing season. We are all affected by this in varying ways, so my thoughts go out to you all and please stay safe. This season more than any, I…

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The 2020 Fishing Season is Looking to be a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Jan 17, 2020

Here we are 2020 and a very happy new year to you all and hope it bring about good things. This season thus far has been incredible in every way and very busy. As predicted the mouse year is in full swing and clients have landed many trout over 10 Pounds with the best so…

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The new fishing season is off to a fabulous start

Oct 21, 2019

October has been super busy, with clients experiencing fantastic fishing in very changeable conditions. As mentioned in my last blog, it has become very apparent this is a mouse year. The trout are in superb condition and this will only get better and in many ways March and April will become top times to fish…

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A warm welcome from Spring in the South Island of New Zealand

Sep 25, 2019

A warm welcome from Spring in the South Island of New Zealand, and some exciting news about the upcoming season … Again its been a super busy winter tying flies for anglers both here in New Zealand and all over the world.  This is a growing business and I  spend at least 35 hours tying…

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Fly fishing trip report from Italian fisherman Riccardo Maleci

Jun 14, 2019

“I imagine my fishing mate, Richie, and me are the kind of clients who are usually quite difficult to deal with! Although we consider ourselves very experienced fishermen, this can be a great disadvantage when in an environment very different to Italy. On our NZ trip with Martin and Peter Langlands we took our “Orientation pack”,…

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Fishing Testimonials

New Zealand Trout - Guided New Zealand fly fishing trips

“When Bob Pelzl and I filmed South Island Sampler in 1986, we had the help of a young man named Martin Langlands. Martin is now very much a well-known guide on the South Island, with a good reputation for finding big fish.  Great fishing with a very solid guide and great person.” Gary Borger 2014 

Martin with fly fishing client and large trout.

My 16-year-old son and I fished with Martin for 2 days and had a fantastic time. I highly recommend him as a guide. It was my sincere hope for my son, who has very little fly fishing experience, to successfully connect with some large fish and if I managed to do so as well, so much the better. We easily exceeded those goals under Martin's guidance. I won't soon forget the smiles on my son's face when he landed his trout. Martin's knowledge of the area was excellent and his streamside manner was engaging and educational. Martin selected local fishing options that demanded precision and where we were the only fishermen on the river. He provided clear tips to help us succeed and while our skills weren't always up to the challenge, he was patient with us and we certainly improved our angling over those two days. Both of us managed to hook and land several large brown trout each day, and while we missed on other opportunities, we learned with each and every one. Martin firmly pushed us to improve our angling while providing us with plenty of opportunities to catch large fish. I will certainly engage him again should we return to New Zealand and it is my intent to do so. Mark and Ethan USA

Trout fisherman holding a trout caught from a Canterbury New Zealand river.


"Dear Martin , how can we say ‘Thank You’ for the outstanding time in NZ?

Why is this  scenery not on the list of the wonders of the world? At least it has been celebrated in Lord of the Rings and in that way immortalized. We take so many things for granted that we sometimes forget to document it for prosperity .

I know that you are aware that the week away for us was so relaxing and stress free. You made the experience so special and are the champion of fish spotting! Robyn /Allen Jarvis NSW Australia    

Example of trout caught in New Zealand river

New Zealand is a trout fishing Island that can make any fly-fisherman crave. However, as a newcomer I was aware of the difficulties and differences that New Zealand had in comparison to Australia. By hiring an experienced and excellent guide I knew that my enjoyment and catch rate would be achievable. Martin is an excellent guide who knows and understands his trade.

Martin has helped to fine tune my skills to adapt to New Zealand conditions. His patient approach lead to very enjoyable trips that will never be forgotten. As fly-fisherman we all know that each water has it's special demands. With Martins intimate knowledge of food source, favorite trout lies and strategies my New Zealand adventure has just begun. The experience will definitely bring me back begging for more

Thank-you Martin for the pleasure of your companionship as a guide and a teacher.  David Simon  Vic Australia

Fly fisherwoman holding a trout caught in Canterbury NZ river

“Martin, Chris and I can not express our gratitude for your friendship and excellent professional guide service. We had an EXCELLENT time in Oxford and getting to know you. Our experience there is the highlight of our New Zealand experience. (Am I gushing enough?). Seriously, it was all and more than we hoped for and watching you hook up with Moby Trout was really exciting. Next time let me net him! We truly hope you can come to Colorado and fish with us. You and your wife are welcome in our home as friends, not as a guide. We look forward to getting the pictures and seeing you again on our next trip.”

Martin's Fly Fishing Videos

South Island New Zealand Fly Fishing Photos

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